About Locals VIP Club

As Locals for over 30 years living on the beautiful Treasure Coast, we've seen this area grow from a one-lane road to a busy vacation destination. While we appreciate the Snowbird's business, it is our Locals that support the area all year long and should be celebrated! Locals VIP Club caters to the Local Resident in the form of Exclusive Deals, Discounts and Offers. Your Membership into the Club entitles you to these exclusive deals that are available on your Smart Phone or Internet at all times! Dining, Staycations, Golf, Home Services, Entertainment and Shopping are just a few of our categories that we offer.

CLICK IT, don't clip it! Our restaurant coupons are valid 7 days a week all year long, unlike some of the other coupon books. Holidays excluded. You have your coupons at all times on your Smart Phone! No clipping coupons, no forgetting the book & Local Businesses will recognize you as a "Local"!!! Sign up today and enjoy the benefits! Proudly owned by Locals for over 30 years!!